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Does the Water Fuel System By Stanley Meyer Violate the Laws of Physics?

Meaning often Quoted 1st and 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.


Voltrolysis - Stanley Meyers Patented Method 


In chemistry and manufacturing, electrolysis is a technique that uses a direct electric current (DC) to drive an otherwise non-spontaneous chemical reaction. Electrolysis is commercially important as a stage in the separation of elements from naturally occurring sources such as ores using an electrolytic cell. 

Very Different from Voltrolysis cell Electrolysis uses a variety of salts electrolyte to cause a dielectric breakdown and high amp draw to disassociate chemical bonds creating a exothermic heat in the process.


by Stanley Meyer In Chemistry and Ionization and Disassociation of Gas is a technique Using no Electrolyte  and uses a a Indirect Voltage Source a Voltage Plasma Field Based on a DC to Cause the Ionic Dissociation of Chemical Bonds in Liquids and Gas Chemistry. He uses this Field of build up capacitance voltage to ionize and than switch off the covelent bonds of Water Molecule. 

The primary coil is electrically isolated (no electrical connection between primary and secondary coil) to form Voltage Intensifier Circuit  It is pulse and gated just before the dead short or amps draw happens. 

Voltage amplitude or voltage potential is increased when secondary coil is wrapped with more turns of wire.  Isolated electrical ground (J) prevents electron flow from input circuit ground causing a Charge on Cell Plates and a Volt Based Plasma Field which acts as a Catalyst to dissociate chemical Bonds. Very Different from  Electrolytic  cells and Not Electrolysis as no electrolyte.


A Low Amp high Voltage Solution Similar to how a Fluro Light is started , driven works,with a  choke/ballast restricting amps Having a Cold Process with little of no Exothermic Reaction heat as no electrolyte no shorting of cell and no grounding the dissolved gases which are nano bubbled into water itself) which makes the water a fuel a carrier.?

So Use Volts not amps and BIngo your a lot closer to understanding the first part..

In addition to above Stan was a Atomic Engineer he patented the ionization and electron removal techniques from H2 o2 which make hho gas double power double force with , more force than explosive heat.


He did this by removing electrons during the electronic gate this prevented the released gases reforming the water molecule readily. He show that the free gases once electrons removes become positive charged. and as long as no ground or - electrons are given back he gases can not readily make water and have more explosive force when finally ignited. 


He also show that in this state the water body will be come saturated and become positive charged increasing water tension. As long as remaining cold it will flush out nitrogen and become saturated with loose h1 h2 o1 o2 missing electrons. 


it is a safe state until dry fogged and ignited. Making a True Water fuel .  

He also shows extracting electron allow a usable power to be looped. for use to drive cell. He showed and taught that water is already packed with energy and we simply unlock with these method during the unbalance equilibrium . Atomic methods. 

These Same Methods are used in Atomic reactors and war  etc when things are ignited extra energy comes in from the void to re balance the forces. that are created during such events.  






















The Water Fuel Cell technology encounters a credibility gap because it appears to run counter to the long established laws governing our interpretation of Nature. In fact, the water Fuel Cell is entirely natural. 

It merely demonstrates a new and revolutionary way of harnessing what nature has always had on offer. It does not infringe the two main laws of thermodynamics, i.e.:

THE FIRST LAW: "The total energy of a thermodynamic system remains constant although it may be transformed from one form to another." In the case of Water Fuel Cell technology, the system is global. The energy required to drive the engine comes from the zero-point energy contained in the water, a virtually  inexhaustible source. The exhaust from the engine is water vapor which returns to the atmosphere.

 THE SECOND LAW: As originally formulated by R. Clausius in 1865, this law states that "The entropy of the World strives towards a maximum". As recently formulated by Prigogine and Stengers, this law "contains  two fundamental elements:


(1) a negative one that expresses the impossibility of certain processes (e.g. 
heat flowing from a cold to a hot source)




(2) a positive, constructive one. It is the impossibility of 
certain processes that permits us to introduce a function, entropy, which increases uniformly and behaves as an attractor for isolated systems".


It is at maximum when the system is in equilibrium. Non-equilibrium is the 
source of order and brings order out of chaos. Since Water Fuel Cell technology postulates non-equilibrium,  it can be said to be supported by the positive element of this Law.?


Gas Processor  

Purpose of this patented invention by Stanley A Meyers was to remove electrons from ambient air and hho to stop it forming to water , and thus create a new

(not HHo gas) one that is thermal explosive with more force than heat power.   

Follow is a brief guide to doing that the circuit Stan had on gas processor part sent in micro pulses we can do very fast pulses on 3 different t circuits to and from gas processor 1st circuit drives in pwm 5 khz up 12 volt pulses going though a h bridge transformer up to high voltage which includes ballasts/ chokes to restrict amps 
like a fluro light start box set , it is gated with a over lay gate 5 khz in the gate off time the electrodes \ are used to extract electrons from gas it happens in pico second times if possible. 




Fast as circuit can allow we have a 2nd circuit draw off electrons from the gas that power is used to go into a 9xd or similar power cap and control 12 volt and adjust abot amps lets say 5 to 10 amp its drives a picosecond driver and vcsell laser diode array which pulses and shines into the gas processor as well these light pulse help keep  gas energizes and knock around electrons for extraction it is a storm in the of voltage and light the NM of electrons is under debate but we know the broad spectrum is Cool White that will hit every spectrums like a aura,

 and it you alternated with uv you would hit most of them and get the goals across all of them energy state orbits  it happen instantly, the things is the oxygen electrons are in pairs so that are fairly easy to knock off compared to other atoms so time to build below is a diagram from stan shown back concept the 9xd and pico laser diode drive  not shown the following 2 circuit are the circuit 1 and circuit 2 alternating.

The Hydrogen Industry and on Demand Industry is Global and  Using Voltage not amps like a Fluro Light Transformer and ballast does  and no electrolyte  use is the way  this avoids the amps draw and thus the water releases extra  electrons which are already held there like a battery nothing is consumed or lost as it is a global system just like charge build up of lightening  the energy is not used it is moved  causing magnetism on the plates and acts as a catalyst which we avoid  and restricts amps , we use only volts from alternator not the amps KEY POINT and thus very different.


Tank Circuit Principles.
This is the most important   example this is a tank circuit we make volts 12 volts we put into a 200 turn or similar transformer, our comes higher volts, it goes into chokes , chokes are tuned wound to resonance to cell resistance, ( choke can be another transformer with primary as choke and secondary not used and shorted to its self to keep it neutral)  there is also a Diode to stop volts leaving cell a oneway in no way out item, this means it causes a bounce or ring in in the circuit as voltage is bounced inside and held there we, tune with coil and  cell as it is a lc tank circuit ,, ================================================

DBD Layer inside Outer Positive Tube Surface
we have a dielectric layer inside the outer tube the cathode of wet cell, this layer can be just water polarized or a ceramic build up or coating or dielectric varnish or most common is quartz tube for the purpose (like you see in air ionizers) , basically it is a capacitor layer,  the voltage builds up there, the water goes between the layer and negative centre tube, so we have a water capacitor wet cell. 

The Circuit Driver

a PWM we have 5 hkz pulse with a overlayed 5 khz gate the gate rests cell briefly , to to avoid the dead short , ================================================ 

Avoid Dead Short- Avoid Amps

which would ground out capacitance build up and prevent capacitance effect in cell so we can not have salt or electrolyte in this system. 

Stanley A Meyer Avoid Amp Draw by have a Grate  before dead short which would cause load. cause electrolysis that is why we call this voltrolysis. 

Blocking diode 
We have a diode the diode holds the voltage in the wet cell capacitor water voltrolysis cell, during gate period of circuit so no back spike blows up our pwm circuit during the gat time . and does not ionize our choke transformer coils, with back spike. 

Excellent Design 

Having this excellent design causes a ringing or a bounce which keeps voltage we sent in in the cell and cell charged up with volts and with very little current or amp draw, just as a fluro light works,  

Except if we put a capacitor in a fluro light it would build up voltage very very high too and start splitting the gas beyond just emitting light ) this is what we do we let it compound and scale to do just that )  

( so as a example lets say we put in 900 to 1500 volts, the gate occurs, the voltage try to leave during gate time . But it can not as no dead short, no salts, no ground and no exit due to diode, or h bridge isolating cell circuit ,


so voltage is bounced back to water cell and hits it again like a rebounded wave ,

 like another pwm in, the voltage has a slight drop let say cell goes to 1100 volts from the 1500 put in as a example only so people can visualize ,  

the gate than the gate opens from pwm again and it sends in another 990 to 1500 volts pulsed in in 5 khz this creates a step charge the voltage capacitance climbs with each pulse 


This Voltage adds to the first remaining voltage held in the dielectric layer in the west cell that the water is exposed too , 

Cell Holding Voltage as a Capacitor Does

example 1100 volts + 900-1500 = aprox 2000 to 2500 now in cell , the gate occurs again voltage trys to leave but can't

 it bounces and reflected back into cell, and we hit it again and again and again, 


DBD Barrier

what happens is we build up the voltage on the dielectric layer 

it starts to ionize the water the h20 polarizes and it starts to have very great magnetism on the dielectric layer and on anode and cathode in the wet cell with no salt no electrolyte .

================================================ , 


the water splits gases are separated use minimal mA current or amps as we use the magnetisium of the voltage build up = VOLTROLYSIS

Electron Bounce adds to disassociation .

electrons flood the cell as the energy bouncing around start knocking them off into water and add these electrons further add to held charge and our pwm & voltage intensifier efforts . 

Driving Circuit Explained

now this is the basics, this is what happens this is why and how voltage 
gets in there, the more tuned the chokes and pwm are with the tank circuit using ppl the better and faster it does that, 



Voltage Bouncing can cause AC 

now it does get such high voltage that the bounce can turn dc (which we have to have) to be ac, we do not want that , so we use a hbridge to switch in a extract circuit during gate this is happening fast , it pulls out extract electrons being freed from broken bonds that would create a ac, so we draw it down, we run it into  a 9xd voltage regulator that regulator can run a picsecond driver for vcsell diodes white band cold, which can hit all the nm band of light we can also have uv also well, we want to have a full auro faced back into cell, this will create a light storm these knock more electrons off faster. , ================================================ 

Powerful Fuel as a GAS 

Now we have very power gas it is a h and o with electrons stripped off it will no reform back to water unless it gets more electrons, so we do not want salt in there no electrolyte, but we also do not want to ground the cell , the cell water or the gas, (THIS IS A COLD PROCESS WATER STAY UNDER 40 C cold to touch ) ( cold water is like a sponge it hold gas) ( we can meter mic fill the water) so as gas or water with dissolved gas in it leaves cell all pipe manifold engine block etc must be positive charged so no negative electrons can ground gas to inert state. 


Powerful Fuel as a NANO Water solution 

If the Water is Cool and keep cool to touch, not need to be cold just cool or colder. 

and gas is bubbled into the water with a ultasonic fogger or carbon ceramic tip it will

turn gas into nano bubbles unseen to naked eye with help of a back laser. 

thes epostive charged bubbles changes the ph had water and charge of water

and stay suspended with in the water itself created a water fuel water with h1 h2 o2 o1 gas suspended in it, as long as you remove electrons do not let ambient air or surface ground back electrons you have a fuel.


Re Ohmasa Gas Japan Stanley Meyer Joe Cell Herman Anderson Daniel Dingle. 



when the spark finally happens , the electrons have built up on the surface and must go some where so as soon as a negative appears it flashes and explodes in the cylinder the force is explosive not implosive any more, and thus has greater force than just heat, as the gas struggle to find electrons the rip apart neighboring water and other  other gases to get them and often that includes nox and no which is in the water and air 



Now you know this and you understanding clearly what is occurring 
please teach it .


Part 2 is the gas processor ,

as do need to mix some air into the engine we know we absolutely can not use ambient air as that would give electrons back to our new non HHO gas 
or water fuel mix, , so we must control the ambient air access which means manifold and air intake no leaks, we use a diaphragm to control the ambient airs access so only what engine needs is vacuumed into the gas processor , 

This can be in the form of a Vacuum control module or a lpg demand diaphragm.


The Air Intake gas processor is the same system as described above except it strips and separates the n and the o into unstable elements that find it hard to reform with missing electrons , we do all of this with the new key skill of making sure nothing can ground back out ingredients, we do everything we can thing off to 

extract electrons all along the way to the cylinder than means + engine block too. ( not the whole car just the fuel line and engine block)


So I would Invite you all to copy paste save and share this to as many forums and website and inventive ways as you can, 
This is the Stan Meyer Culture  


Can I come to your house to see your Office or can you tell me where I can see one working ?

Due to the nature of the project, it was compulsory for the Water Fuel Team to live and work under continuous  public pressure we are extremely selective on who we meet and what project we agree to write scope of works for.

Your welcome to look our our Parent Company Site www.securesupplyusa.com

We communicate and source and ship these parts globally and assist with implementation and knowledge.

We continue to post in the Water Fuel forums, and the engineers will be available for online consultations,

but we will not be making unnecessary public appearances or opening our private home/workshops to the public.


Of course, we are only speaking for ourselves. We’re sure other builders will be happy to invite genuinely interested people to their workshops, and this is what the Forums and Groups are for to get connected to builders in your area.

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