13 B Rotary Aircraft Hydrogen Plan


The Rick Schneider Affair

Rick Schnieder falsely claiming to be a certified FAA agent and fully qualified FAA master aircraft machinist.

    Noted as having the first mazda rotary Aircraft

On 30 October 1990, Stan Meyer approved a WFC Dealership Contract Agreement requiring a $40,000 deposit and other expense monies to be paid by Rick toward project expenses and signed by Richard (Rick) Schnieder, owner of the Bushmaster Management Company. This WFC Dealership work performance agreement was for the sole purpose of obtaining a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification of the WFC Water Fuel Injection System (R) on an Alaskan Bushmaster Aircraft with a Mazda Internal Combustion (IC) engine. Rick had purported himself to be a master machinist and one of only six certified FAA agents who could certify the Bushmaster for airworthiness once changes were made to the fuel supply system of the aircraft.